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Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Est. 2019

Welcome to the Bay Candle Co.

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the sense of smell is our most unique sense – it calms, it engergises, it creates memories……

This small business started with my passion for candles and unique fragrances, scented candles that you cannot buy at your general retailer. (like Fresh Bread or Berries and Cream)

Being able to personalise a memorial candle or help someone celebrate a special moment through a simple thing like a candle is priceless.  As I continued on my candle journey I realised that many people love the idea of making candles but just dont know where to start – being based in Port Elizabeth, I had researched and struggled to find quality products at reasonable prices, so I decided to share my findings and we now proudly sell  a range of Candle Making Supplies from waxes to wicks,  moulds to dyes and amazing candle fragrances for the local hobby or candle enthusiast.

A few things we’re great at

At Bay Candle Co we live candles. So we believe a candle creates the atmosphere for any event, from a normal day at the office to a special occasion or event.

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